DiagnosticLink 8.15 SP1 Features

Posted by Marat Kazan on

DiagnosticLink 8.15 SP1 Features Service Diagnostics & Tools   New Panels   CTP USB Stick Flashing panel to support CTP flashing. CTP 3G Sundown panel to set Wi-Fi parameters on the CTP01T. EMG (E-mobility Group) panels for electrified trucks: DC charging panel High voltage interlock loop panel Tilt Sensor and Unlock panel Battery management panel eTransmission Diagnostics panel Inverter Resolver Learn panel Decommissioning panel CTP USB Flashing Panel   CTP USB Flashing panel – For use in FRACAS-13669: CTP Software Rollback Investigation This panel is used to rollback the software for CTP hardware       CTP 3G Sundown Panel...

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