Acom Bendix Pro Diagnostics Software 2022 v1 WHAT’S NEW

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Heavy-Duty Features
• Displays Intellipark switches and lights on the tractor brake key data points window.

Bendix ECU Features
Driver Assistance Systems (DAS)
• Bendix Active Steering part number decoding enhanced.

General Features
• Displays manufacturer faults and select data for Bendix components.
• Reads all standard SAE faults and data for all components on the supported data bus protocols.
• Provides key data points in graphical displays for vehicle and components.
• Automatically displays all component parameters of interest in the Data Monitor.
o Search, sort or filter capabilities to easily identify parameters of interest.
o Graph parameter changes over time.
o Export up to the last 5 minutes of graphed data to local file.
• Data can be displayed in Metric or English units of measurement.
• Automatically connects to all supported and available data buses on the vehicle.
• Vehicle Readiness List displays information about each identified component.
Heavy-Duty Features
• Supports all standard Heavy-Duty vehicles. VIN is not required for vehicle connections.
• Supports the heavy-duty SAE J1587/J1708, J1939, and ISO 15765 messages.
• Support for trailer diagnostics using:
o PLC 7-way connector combined with a Noregon Trailer Diagnostic Adapter or the Noregon DLA+ PLC
o Nexiq Universal J560 PLC Adapter combined with a Noregon DLA+ 2.0, DLA+, DLA+ 2.0 Wireless, DLA+
Wireless, DLA+ PLC, or Nexiq USB-Link™ 2 adapter.
o 4-pin to 9-pin diagnostic extension cable combined with a Noregon DLA+ 2.0, DLA+, DLA+ 2.0 Wireless,
DLA+ Wireless, DLA+ PLC, or Nexiq USB-Link™ 2 adapter.
• Read faults from all vehicle components.
• Clear faults from all vehicle components or only from a selected Bendix component.
• Bendix proprietary fault codes will include the SAE SPN, or SID and FMI in the displayed fault description.
• Graphically displays data using thermometers, gauges, etc. on the Data Monitor.
• Display of data related to reported faults in Data Monitor.
• Pre-defined Data Groups in Data Monitor enables troubleshooting electrical problems and common
performance complaints.
• Ability to define custom groups of related data parameters to display in Data Monitor.
• Clear indication of overall vehicle health considering:
✓ No 1939 Data (on 2009 or newer vehicles)
✓ Active Faults Present
✓ Consumable Fluid(s) Low
✓ Battery Voltage Low
✓ Cannot Detect ABS (on 2001 or newer vehicles)
• Displays wheel speeds, road speed, vehicle and brake lamp status, Intellipark switches and lights, vehicle and
ABS battery voltage, and primary and secondary brake pressure values on the tractor brake key data point’s
• Consumable Fluid screen to monitor fluids used by vehicle and inform user of low levels. ABS Monitor provides an at-a-glance assessment of Bendix braking system’s health by monitoring related electrical and pneumatic components.

Education and Troubleshooting Features
• Integrates with Noregon’s NextStep™ NET for Bendix (internet connection required)
o View troubleshooting information, wiring diagrams and step-by-step repair procedures for Bendix faults
with one click in Bendix® ACom® PRO™ Diagnostics.
o Enhanced integration features from the troubleshooting repair view:
▪ View fault related data while simultaneously viewing repair procedures.
▪ Clear faults to verify the repair without leaving the NextStep™ Bendix screen.
▪ Access Bi-Directional functionality directly from the troubleshooting repair view.
▪ Access to installed Service Data Sheets on the NextStep™ Bendix screen.
o Works on vehicle without requiring a VIN.
o Regular content updates to add more fault and component coverage.
• Link to Bendix Service Data Sheets from Fault display to support troubleshooting when internet connection is
not available.
• Virtual Truck feature enables exercising Bendix® ACom® PRO™ Diagnostics features including bi-directional tests
for training and educational purposes without the need for an actual truck connection.
• Bendix Demo Truck demonstrates the tests and data available for various Bendix ECU versions and
NOTE: This is for demonstration purposes only. Tests and data may not function realistically.
• Fault Assistance providing technician friendly descriptions for fault status values from both the Fault Display and
the Data Monitor.
• Diagnostic connector pinout diagrams for Heavy-Duty cable connectors to aid in troubleshooting connection
• Provides data bus utilization statistics on live vehicle connections.
• Displays CAN error frame data to aid in diagnosing communication issues. NOTE: CAN error frame data is only
available when using a DLA+ 2.0, DLA+, DLA+ 2.0 Wireless, DLA+ Wireless or NEXIQ adapter.
• Power Diagram and Electrical Assistance available in Data Monitor to aid in the diagnosis of electrical problems
for heavy-duty vehicle connections.
• FMI Assistance providing technician friendly descriptions for fault code FMI values from both the Fault display
and the Data Monitor.
• Industry Terms definitions available from the Fault Grid, NextStep window, and the Data Monitor window.
• Lookup Code Assistant provides a reference for the equivalent term used in an ECU’s Service Data Sheet.
Reporting Features
• Prints reports containing faults and key data.
• Bendix proprietary fault codes will include the SAE SPN, or SID and FMI in the displayed fault description.
• Bendix Data Reporting (BDR) file is generated for EC-60 and EC-80 braking systems when the DTC report is
created or submitted.
• Automatically captures a vehicle snapshot recording containing all available ECUs and parameters on every
vehicle connection.
• Ability to manually record logs for up to 1 hour of vehicle data for later analysis. Log will contain all ECU and
parameter data that is requested and reported during the recording.
• Ability to playback recorded logs and monitor parameters via Data Monitor.

Integration Features
• Automatically detects OEM applications and provides convenient methods to launch them.
• Link to download ServiceMaxx from OEM Application Portal.
• Launches OEM component diagnostic applications in Fault Code Information. Simply click on the OEM
application icon to launch the application for more information about that component.
• Support Warranty Submission by enabling you to submit a vehicle report via email.
Configuration Features
• Ability to automatically switch between USB or Wireless when connecting with a DLA+ Wireless or DLA+ 2.0
Wireless adapter.
Product Support Features
• Links to contact Bendix support or sales from within the application.
• Links to enable remote access for support.
• Support for automatic updates.
• Easy access to JPRO DLA+ Adapter Family test tools to aid in diagnosing connection problems.
Bendix ECU Features
• Supports identification of all Bendix components.
• Ability to launch ACom® Legacy to provide support for older Bendix ECUs not currently supported by the Bendix®
ACom® PRO™ Diagnostics application.
Tractor Brakes
• Support for proprietary sensor data on all EC-60 and EC-80 braking systems and ADB Wear Sensing.
• Supports reading and clearing Bendix Proprietary Fault Codes on all EC-60 and EC-80 braking systems.
• Supports reading fault codes and sensor data for Bendix EC-80 EAC (Electronic Air Control) components.
• Supports reading and clearing Bendix proprietary fault codes and data for Intellipark.
• Supports reading and clearing Event History records on all EC-60 and EC-80 braking systems.
• Event History supports reading:
✓ Event Counters for EC-80 braking systems.
✓ ESP Counters for EC-60 and EC-80 braking systems.
• CPC Configuration Layout displays a configuration diagram for the connected CPC-enabled (Central Pressure
Controller) EC-80 ECU.
• Bi-Directional support for Bendix tractor brakes

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