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Technical details:

Data update: 10.2022
Size: 11 Gb
Region: All regions
Type: Parts Catalog, Diagrams, Manuals for Scania Trucks
Language: English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Persian, Finnish, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Zwedish, Chinese, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese
OS: Win 10, Win 11
Instructions: Present
Installation: 1 PC
Amount of disks: 4 DVD
Version: 10.2022
Link for Download: Scania Multi 10.2022

Scania Multi 2022 Spare Parts & Manuals 

Finding the problem's source is the most challenging part when repairing a vehicle or any other mechanism. Typically, it's recommended to use manuals to understand how the equipment works. There are many different equipment models, so it's impossible to know how each works.
However, looking for a specific manual to repair a mechanism is also inconvenient. We offer offline workshops with manuals, part catalogs, and other valuable data. Check out what Scania Multi is and why you should choose Autosoft.

Scania Multi contains manuals and repair times. Scania Multi is one of the most advanced workshop information systems on the market.

Scania Multi is one of the most detailed workshops with up-to-date information systems. The data is accessible due to a convenient interface.
Moreover, the tool includes the following parts:

  • parts catalogs;
  • diagrams;
  • manuals.

The workshop is only for Scania vehicles. We offer to buy the electronic system's latest update (10.2022). You can to download the program.

All this information is easily accessible to all users of Scania Multi. The system opens the door to a restructuring of workshop operations. The mechanic can if necessary act as a customer receptionist and can even handle invoicing and other follow-up processes.

Models List:

P, G, R, S truck series (2016-)
P, G, R, T seris truck (2003-)
4 truck series (1994-2008)
3 series truck (1987-1996)
F, K, N series bus (2004-)
4 truck series (1994-2010)
3 series truck (1987-1999)
E2011 (2010-)
P96 (1996-)

Scania Multi includes this information for Scania trucks:

Cooling System
Fuel and exhaust systems
Propeller shaft
Front axle
Rear axle
Hubs and wheels
Engine controls
Electrical system
Complementary equipment
Load carrying bodywork
User functions
Irizar Bus body

Scania Multi 10.2022 Online

You can also get online access to the program installed in the cloud, without having to download the program and do the installation.

Try Scania Multi 10.2022  from any device from anywhere in the world for only 9.99