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Update: 11.2018
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Type: Parts Catalog, Diagrams, Manuals for Renault Trucks
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Version: 8125
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Renault Impact 2019 Parts & Service Manuals is a web based system that supports the workshops with information about Parts, Components, Standard parts, Service, Standard time, and Tools, covers Renault trucks new models only.

Renault Impact Models:
Renault Construction Trucks C(RT) Series
Renault Distribution Trucks D NARROW Series
Renault Distribution Trucks D WIDE Series
Renault Heavy Construction Trucks K(RT) Series
Renault Construction Trucks C 2STEPS Series
Renault Long Haul Trucks T Series
Renault Long Haul TrucksT HIGH Series


Available search options:
Chassis series, chassis number, VIN, model, function group, etc. In addition, the program includes additional search values, search by part number, description of the part, title, supersessions, identification, chassis through identification.

Functional groups:

0: General
1: Service and maintenance.
2: Motor, assembly motor and equipment.
3: Electrical system and instruments.
4: power transmission
5: Brakes
6: Suspension and steering wheel
7: frame, springs, cushioning and wheels.
8: Body and interior cabin.
9: Miscellaneous