Hitachi MPDR Software 3.33 (09.2023)


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  • MPDR Software 3.33 Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool Tester The Latest Version for Hitachi ZX-1 ZX-3 ZX-3G ZX-5 ZX-6 ZX-7 of Excavator Supporting Hitachi's latest original software 3.33.
  • Applicable excavator model: ZX-1 ZX-3 ZX-3G ZX-5 ZX-6 ZX-7 serie.
  • Description: Most of today's construction & mining equipment have computer-controlled systems to optimize production & engine out-put. This means if failures occur, field technicians have to check not only mechanical/fluid systems, but also electric systems. Downtime for troubleshooting is therefore lengthened. To minimize downtime during troubleshooting, we developed this diagnostic system.
  • Note: This product is equipped with a 3.3 full featured version, and we can remotely install the software for you.
  • No-worry Purchase, Reliable Custom Service: For any issues, you may have before or after the purchase, email us.( )We are always ready to offer help and value your feedback to achieve improvement.