Noregon releases first JPRO update of 2022

Posted by AutoSoft.Group on

Noregon released the first update of 2022 for its in-shop diagnostic and troubleshooting application, JPRO Professional. The version, officially titled JPRO Professional 2022 v1, is now available for new purchases and updates.

Noregon says this release includes additional support, coverage, and bi-directional tests for major component and vehicle manufacturers, plus visual enhancements to the software’s interface.

“As always, we listened to the needs of technicians in the field and responded by adding the bi-directional tests and other features that will help them move through the maintenance process in a more streamlined fashion,” says Jason Hedman, Noregon product manager. “Fixing a truck can be confusing, so their software shouldn’t be. We’re always looking for ways to enhance the user-friendliness of the application and we accomplished that this release with some graphical updates that provide more clarity into the current state of the vehicle, such as a new animated cylinder cutout graphic.”

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