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Volvo Impact 2020 – spare parts for Volvo, Volvo repair and diagnostics, Volvo electrical circuits, Volvo service information, Volvo specifications and the tool.

We're glad to represent the latest version of the genuine factory Parts and service database for Volvo trucks and buses 2020 (last update 11.2019).

Volvo Impact includes workshop service information, detailed catalog of original spare parts and accessories, detailed repair manual, service manual, special operating instructions for all products, fitting instructions, detailed wiring circuits, intended specially for buses and lorry of company Volvo.

Information Types

Parts catalogue, Exchange, TPI, Standard parts, Bulletins/Information, Electric Wiring Diagrams, Description, Design and function, Diagnostics, Forms, General information, Repair, Schematic diagrams, Service and maintenance, Specifications, Tools, Standard times

Software Includes the Following Series of Trucks and Buses
Volvo Impact 2020 covers the following models:
B0E (3), B11R, B11R (3), B12B, B12M, B12R, B13R, B5LH, B5LH (3), B5RH, B5TL (3), B6R, B7R, B8L (3), B8R (3), B9L, B9R, B9S, B9TL, BXRC, DE, DE (3), FE, FE (3), FH, FH (4), FL, FL (3), FM, FM (4), PREVH, PREVX, VAH, VHD, VM, VN, VT,Volvo

Using the Seach Facility
You can search either by Chassis ID Or by Model numberWhen you use search by model Model, the search result may be wider then when you search by Chassis ID. You will have to enter some additional parameters to identify your vehicle (truck or bus)

Volvo Program service and parts information structure (All information in progam Volvo Impact is divided into 10 Main Groups)

0: General,
1: Service and maintenance,
2: Engine, engine mounting and equipment,
3: Electric system and instruments,
4: Power transmission,
5: Brakes,
6: Wheel suspension and steering,
7: Frame, springs, damping and wheels,
8: Body, cab and interior,
9: Miscellaneous (Special Functions)