Noregon JPRO Professional Diagnostic 2024 v2


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Brand: Noregon
JPRO Professional
Date of update:
2024 v2
Download size:
Diagnostics Software
Operating system:
Windows 8 and 8.1 Pro (both 32 and 64-bit versions), Windows 10 (both 32 and 64-bit versions)
Installation via teamviewer
1 PC
2024 v2; What's New , Old Version: 2024, 2023 ver. 4, 2023 ver. 2, 2023 v1.2, 2022, 2021v3, 2019v2
Supported Hardware: 
RP-1210C-Compliant Communications Adapter(Noregon® DLA+ 2.0 Adapter Kit, Other Compliant Adapters)
Link for Download: 
Download JPRO 2024 v2

JPRO Professional Diagnostic Software 2024 v2

JPRO Professional is the #1 in-shop diagnostic and repair solution. With coverage of all makes and models, plus industry-leading bi-directional controls, JPRO helps technicians find and fix all issues on a truck.

JPRO software includes an embedded troubleshooting module, Fault Guidance.

JPRO® Heavy-Duty Features

  • Cylinder Cut Out test updated with animated piston and injector controls. NOTE: Paccar not currently supported.
  • Ability to launch Cylinder Cut Out test from Fuel System screen.
  • Displays Bendix Intellipark switches and lights on the tractor brake key data points window.

Engine Support

Heavy-Duty Support for Caterpillar (On-Highway)

Bi-Directional support for Caterpillar engines: Parked DPF Service Regeneration Supported On EPA 07: C7, C13, and C15 ACERT engines

Heavy-Duty Support for Cummins

Bi-Directional support for Cummins engines: DEF System Leak Test Supported OnNow Supports: GHG17: all B6.7, L9, X12, X15 

Heavy-Duty Support for Detroit Diesel

• DPF Ash Accumulator Reset test now requires the DPF serial number for installation of new or cleaned DPF.
• Bi-Directional support for Detroit Diesel engines includes: DPF Ash Accumulator Reset Now Supports:
GHG17 and newer DD5, DD8, DD13, DD15, and
DD16 with Engine Software Version:
✓ App_040B ✓ App_2104
✓ App_040D ✓ App_2105
✓ App_040E ✓ App_2107
✓ App_0410 ✓ App_2108
✓ App_0411 ✓ App_2109
and MCM Software Version:
✓ mcm_0x06DB ✓ mcm_0x06ED
✓ mcm_0x06DE ✓ mcm_0x06EF
✓ mcm_0x06F2
and ACM Software Version:
✓ acm_0x0232 ✓ acm_0x023E
✓ acm_0x0236 ✓ acm_0x0250
✓ acm_0x024E

Heavy-Duty Support for Mack and Volvo

Exit Inducement test was separated from the DEF Dosing Valve Test and is now its own test for ease of use.

Transmission Support

Heavy-Duty Support for Allison

Bi-Directional support for Allison transmissions:

  • Reset Fast Adaptive Shifts supported On: 1000/2000 Pre-4th Gen, 1000/2000, 3000/4000 4th Gen, 1000/2000, 3000/4000 5th Gen
  • Reset Filter Life Test supported On: 1000/2000, 3000/4000 4th Gen, 1000/2000, 3000/4000 5th Gen
  • Reset Oil Life Test supported On: 1000/2000, 3000/4000 4th Gen, 1000/2000, 3000/4000 5th Gen
  • Service Indicator Lamp Test supported On: 1000/2000, 3000/4000 4th Gen, 1000/2000, 3000/4000 5th Gen
  • Transmission Fault Lamp Test supported On: 1000/2000, 3000/4000 4th Gen, 1000/2000, 3000/4000 5th Gen

Brake Manufacturer Support

Bendix Tractor Brakes

Supports reading and clearing proprietary fault codes for Intellipark.
Bi-Directional support for Bendix tractor brakes: Cartridge Lifetime Prediction Reset Test Supported On: EC-80 EAC Systems
Maintenance Mode Supported On: Intellipark Systems

Bendix Driver Assistance Systems (DAS)

Bi-Directional support for Bendix Driver Assistance Systems
Radar Service Alignment Supported On: Wingman FLR25 Radar

Auxiliary Component Support

Heavy-Duty Support for Agility

Bi-Directional support for Agility Blue iQ® Fuel System Control Module.:
Wiggle Test/Performance Issue Monitoring Supported On: Agility Blue iQ® Fuel System Control Module.

JPRO® Medium-Duty Features

Cylinder Cut Out test updated with animated pistons and injector controls.

Medium-Duty Support for Ford

Bi-Directional support for Ford engines: Misfire Profile Correction Learn
Test Supported On: 6.8L V-10 Gasoline Engines


JPRO® Professional Diagnostic Software

Includes the following features:
✓ JPRO® Heavy-Duty Features
✓ JPRO® Off-Highway Features
✓ JPRO® Medium-Duty Features
✓ General Features List

  • Education and Troubleshooting Features
  • Reporting Features
  • Integration Features
  • Configuration Features
  • Product Support Features

✓ All Makes, All Models Coverage:

Engines: Agility (Fuel System), CAT On-Highway, CAT Off-Highway, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Ford, GM, Hino, International, Isuzu, Mack, Mercedes-Benz, Paccar, Sprinter, Volvo.

Transmissions: Allison, Detroit Diesel, Eaton, Ford, GM, Mack, Sprinter, Volvo, ZF.

Braking Systems: Bendix, Ford, GM, Haldex, Sprinter, Wabash, Wabco.

Body & Chassis: Bluebird, Dana, Ford, Freightliner, Fuso, GM, International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Sprinter, Sterling, Thomas Built, Volvo, Western Star

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